PennGrade 20W-50 Quart

1 quart

Whether from the everyday demands of the road, racing or just hard driving, without the right protection, your car will lack efficiency, wear down faster and underperform. That's why we recommend the motor oil endorsed for decades by racers, engine builders, and manufacturers: PennGrade1. It delivers excellent shock load and temperature protection to engine parts.

- Film strength/protection under demanding torque

- Anti-foaming, stability and high temperature protection

- Detergent/dispersant additives for engine cleanliness

- Oxidation and foam inhibitors to protect against thermal degradation, air entrainment

- Semi-synthetic

- Deliver excellent shock load and high temperature protection

- Reduce internal friction for increased horsepower output

- Contains strong detergent, dispersant and ZDDP anti-wear additives to help protect critical engine parts

The result is reduced internal friction, strong anti-wear, and increased horsepower. It has a long history and track record of proven quality.


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