"high-quality, no-ethanol"
Pumps Open 24/7 For Debit and Credit Cards
Current Prices At The Pump
Fuel Type Cash/Debit Credit
Unleaded 87-Octane $2.399 $2.499
Unleaded Plus 89-Octane $2.899 $2.999
Unleaded Premium 93-Octane $3.899 $3.999
Unleaded Ultra 98-Octane $8.099 $8.199
In-Store Current Prices
Fuel Type Per 5-gallon drum
Leaded Standard 110-Octane $68.00 tax incl.
Leaded Supreme 112-Octane $71.00 tax incl.
Leaded HCR 114-Octane $83.00 tax incl.
Leaded Maximal 116-Octane $86.00 tax incl.
No Ethanol In Our Gasoline
Sunoco Race Fuels
Penn Grade High Performance Oil

Racing Fuel and Gasoline At-The-Pump:

Pump dispensing Sunoco race fuels and diesel

Unleaded - 87-octane gasoline.
Unleaded Plus - 89-octane race fuel.
Unleaded Premium - 93-octane race fuel.
Unleaded Ultra - 98-octane race fuel.

Racing Fuel In-Store:

Leaded Standard - 110-octane race fuel.

Leaded Supreme - 112-octane race fuel.

Leaded High-Compression - 114-octane race fuel.

Leaded Maximal - 116-octane race fuel.

Products That Work:

Penn Grade High Performance Oil
Penn Grade High Performance Oil.
The Green Oil.
Product Bulletin

Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant
Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant.
Lubricant and Injector Cleaner.

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